Monday, March 08, 2010

The Invisible Man Paintings

I found out about this from THE art therapy blog, and found this artist very interesting. I thought I'd share here also.

Top 12 Liu Bolin Invisible Man Paintings
March 8th

You may not have heard of Liu Bolin, and you probably haven’t seen him either. But it’s possible he’s standing right next to you. One of my favorite artists, Liu Bolin injects himself into everyday settings. Known as The Invisible Man, Liu takes a unique and creative approach to performance art. Check out a short video about Liu and then see what we’ve deemed are the Top 12 Liu Bolin Invisible Man Pictures/Paintings:

How Chinese Artist, Liu Bolin, Becomes The Invisible Man

“…my art is cultural. It represents the diminishing humanity in today’s society. I use my art to be retrospective on culture…the environment and fast economic development.”

Top 12 Liu Bolin Invisible Man Paintings/Pictures

We hand-picked 12 of our favorite Liu Bolin paintings and images. It’s pretty amazing and inspiring to see the result of what looks like quite the arduous process. Enjoy!
(Click here to see the pictures via PDF)

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