Sunday, July 29, 2012

Artists for Autism

I was made aware of the organization, Artists for Autism, via Candi Spitz, who in her own right is an advocate for those diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders as a spokesperson for Autism Speaks as well as a newly appointed ambassador for Project Lifesaver.  This organization welcomes the use of all forms of the arts - art, music, writing, etc. - as ways to connect with or use as therapy with individuals diagnosed with autism.  They also have a Facebook page where you can also find more information about this organization.  Check it out and help support the arts and creative arts therapies as they improve the lives of those with PDD and ASD.  Since these modalities are nonverbal (other than writing), they are often able to reach this population in a different way than traditional therapies to help them to communicate and to express themselves, to calm themselves, or to help them connect with others.  Art Therapy and Music Therapy seems particularly helpful in this regard.  Many thanks to Artists for Autism for bringing awareness of the importance of the arts in the use of autism treatment!

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