Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lacy's Relaxation CD - Lavender Dreams - Available for Pre-Order!

After being inspired by my clients at work as an art therapist, seeing how relaxation helps some of them immensely, I set forth to create my own relaxation album so that they could benefit from the relaxation methods I use with them far beyond their treatment, as well as with the world as a whole. When I posited the idea about doing such a project, I was amazed at not only the overwhelming sense of support to do so, but also by the offers of high-caliber professionals around the world to contribute to make it happen. I took that as a sign to move forward, and here we are now!

 It is well-known that people find it hard to relax, and increasing numbers of people find it difficult to sleep well also. Using original guided imagery, I take you through soothing scenarios to help your mind focus on something calming, and the original music that supports these scripts are created by world-class musicians, who bring their gifts of composition and performance to perfectly punctuate each visual detail to help your mind and body relax and become calmer.

Go to my Kickstarter to pre-order the album, and look to see what reward level appeals to you. You might want it for yourself, or for your clients or practice as well.  Pre-order ends on April 13th, so get your order in early!

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