Monday, November 08, 2010

2010 AATA Conference - Sacramento

I got to attend the 41st annual American Art Therapy Association Conference that was held this year in Sacramento. It was a great conference with many good lectures I attended. One of our keynote speakers was Seena Frost, the inventor of SoulCollage, which I am looking forward to learning more about to use with my clients. I took pages of notes with information I hope will enhance my practice, and watched with pride my intern from last year present on her research project. I also got to attend a gathering of GW students and alumni. meeting some known and new faces. On the side, I got to sightsee some of Sacramento before I left.

Next year, the 42nd AATA conference will be held in my backyard, Washington DC, in July! So I'll definitely be there....

~~Click here to see pictures from the conference~~
(under construction)

Here is a video of Seena Frost introducing the SoulCollage Technique:

~~Click here to see how to make a SoulCollage card in 5 easy steps~~

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